Infection Control

A&O Contracting Inc. has years of experience with various construction, maintenance and renovation projects with training in awareness of potential exposure to infectious materials. Design and construction of hospitals present many unique challenges were the complexity of maintaining a safe work environment is certainly a difficult task. The safety issues become even more evident when you consider that nearly 75% of all construction projects in the health care industry involve an expansion or renovation to an existing hospital structure. A&O Contraction Inc. has worked with some of the largest hospitals in Ontario such as The Hospital for Sick Children, St Joseph’s Health Centre, Rouge Valley Health System just to name a few. All work is based on “Guidelines for Environmental infection Control in health-care Facilities” as outlined by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).

A&O Staff are trained and educated in Construction and Abatement procedures that comply with all the latest infectious control standards available in Canada. These standards are not just followed in hospitals but relate to the delivery of health related services, out-patient clinics, convalescent care facilities and dentists and physicians office buildings.

We can provide efficient and cost effective solutions to your construction and abatement projects relating to infectious materials in health care facilities.