Animal Feces & Guano Cleanup

Let Us Help You Cleanup

Guano Is Gross. We Know. Let Us Deal With It.

Animal feces and Guano can contain many harmful bacteria and diseases, meaning that proper removal and preventative steps are important.




Building Damage Over Time

Bird droppings are acidic and can damage the surface of buildings if left for long periods.

Bat guano in particular can be dangerous to human health as it carries rabies and can cause diseases like histoplasmosis.

Commercial Liability & Frequent Cleaning Plan

We can create and set up a plan for facilities to ensure frequent cleaning is completed at all facility locations and ensure the liability is eliminated.

We'll Come Up With A Solution To Prevent Recurrence

Continuously cleaning up can be a hassle and a waste of your time. Let us design a solution so you don’t run into this again.

Areas that are regularly accessed should be a priority and have preventative measures set in place.


Bats, in particular, can become infected with histoplasmosis, which then their feces contain histoplasma capsulatum fungus. Disturbing bat droppings can release these spores into the air and cause nearby people to develop histoplasmosis. 

Histoplasmosis is a lung disease and you can develop flu-like symptoms a couple of days afterward.