Document Restoration

A Little More Information

Types Of Documents

It’s not always lost, these documents can be restored.

Canvas, Vinyl, and Parchment / Video and Camera Negatives / Photographs & Videotapes / Digital Document Restoration / Magazines, Periodical, Newspaper, and Journals / Books & Entire Libraries / All types of Discs & Audio Recordings



In-House Containment For Your Hazardous Documents.

Using our in-house containment, we are able to sort and clean all of your documents of any hazardous substances. After cleaning has been completed, we have a third-party consultant perform a surface test of the documents to ensure they are contaminant free.

Removing Moisture From Documents. Our First Method

We have many ways of restoring documents and we will ensure the appropriate method is used.

The most common and effective method is freeze-drying, the wet documents are placed in a specialized freeze dryer to remove all moisture while maintaining the document integrity.

We Clean Hazardous Contaminated Documents

As an expert in the environmental construction industry, A & O is more than experienced and equipped to handle any documents that may have been contaminated by mold, asbestos, or any other hazardous substances. 

The Second Method...

Another is using heat and dehumidifiers in a contained space to properly dry the documents without developing bacterial growth.