Document Restoration

Restoring Documents With The Utmost Focus On Security & Privacy

Your Treasured Moments Aren't Lost!

Your documents may seem damaged beyond repair, but we promise most of the time it isn’t! Let our specialist help.

Mould, Lead, or, Asbestos contaminated documents?

There aren’t many companies out there doing both. Let us clean up the hazard and restore your documents safely and correctly. 

Not Only Paper

We also restore a wide variety of digital documents, including hard drives, audiotapes, and videotapes. 

Documents Deteriorate Quickly

Depending on how quickly the damage documents are removed from the affected area and put into correct storage will determine how many of your documents can be saved and how quickly it can be restored.



We store all documents in a secured, clean facility, so you can trust us when it comes to hospitals, universities, or family records.

Has Hazardous Substances Like Asbestos Contaminated Your Documents?


We keep the final step in mind (Placing It Back In Order). All documents are labeled and packed appropriately during the restoration process.

Methods Of Document Restoration

Each situation is unique, so we use a variety of methods. 

Documents Surviving A Fire

Documents surviving a fire are now faced with the corrosive acids, soot, and smoke left behind.

 These documents will deteriorate quickly and require special handling. We utilize a combination of deodorization and sterilization products to neutralize the acid and then perform a thorough cleaning process of the document.

Types Of Documents We Restore

Digital documents, paper documents, and even documents contaminated by hazardous waste are all on our roster.