24-Hour Emergency Response and Emergency Medical Disposal Services In North America

Any Medical Waste

Needles, sharps, fluids, liquids, cultures, medicines, swabs, bandages, and human or animal excrement are all types of biomedical waste we can dispose of.

A&O Contracting Has A Background Working With Various Healthcare Facilities

With experience comes understanding. You can trust us to handle the situation quickly, quietly, and most importantly correctly.

We utilize all required PPE and ensure all our disposal team is trained and aware.

We Monitor Your Waste

We utilize in-house systems to keep track of your waste. Generators are legally liable for medical waste so we ensure transparency throughout the entire process.

We Will Form A Medical Waste Disposal Plan For You

We offer flexible scheduling to ensure your medical disposal needs fit into your schedule.

We can also develop a reoccurring medical waste disposal plan to ensure your weekly or daily generated medical waste is disposed of.

All Of It's In-House. We Rely On Ourselves To Get It Done

There won’t be delays and we always give a direct and immediate response. We don’t rely on anyone else and we use our own disposal fleet.