24-Hour Emergency Response and Lead Remediation Services In North America

Lead Removal Requires An Experienced Professional

Lead paint disturbance can cause dangerous levels of contamination. Similar to asbestos, lead removal requires a professional to ensure safe removal as its a complex process.

Dangers Of Lead

If lead is inhaled, ingested, or enters the bloodstream it can rapidly spread through your organs and continue to build up. Lead In The Body Can Result In:

Acute or chronic poisoning
Blood and Kidney problems
Gastrointestinal system problems
nervous system problems
reproductive system problems
Bones and teeth can also severely be affected.

A&O Contracting Project Mangers Will Oversee The Entire Lead Removal Project

As with every project, our highly trained, certified, and experienced project managers will overlook the project from start to finish to ensure a lead-free environment.

A Couple Of Lead Remediation Methods Performed By Our Certified Professionals

Enclosing the lead paint with a certified wall covering to prevent any contamination by the lead.

Replacing the door, window, or molding that covered in lead paint will ensure the elimination of any lead.

A Few More Lead Remediation Methods...

Lead paint removal which involves removing it directly off the surface.

Encapsulation covers and seals the affected area.

Our IICRC certified team of professionals can perform all these methods safely and correctly.