24-Hour Emergency Response and Mould Remediation Services In North America

Mould Produces Thousands Of Tiny Spores

It’s a microorganism that likes to grow into the thousands. Mould colonies are visually colorful, woolly growths that can be almost any color.

Types Of Toxic Moulds Found In Mould Colonies


Stachybotrys Chartarum is a particular concern due to being found in large mould colonies and can cause health problems

Where Mould Can Be Found

Mould can be found almost anywhere indoors and outdoors and hide in dark moist environments.

It can also form from flooding caused throughout the building.

Mould Remediation. We Need To Lock It Down

Mould requires moisture to grow, fixing any leaks or other suspected moisture-related causes should be first and foremost.

Isolate the area and lockdown any nearby airflow as it can cause mould spores to spread.

Prevent Any Future Mould Growth

Once we isolate the area mould is occurring, we need to prevent it from recurring.

Toss any absorbent material or have a specialist clean it.

Completely dry the area using dehumidifiers, air movers, and moisture meters.