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Radon Found In High Concentrations In Homes In The 1980's

It’s a colorless, odorless, and tasteless noble gas. It was determined that ground soil that found their way into homes through foundation cracks contained radon.

High Levels Of Radon Pose Severe Health Risk

High levels of radon can cause cancer making the chemical very hazardous to human health.

A&O Contracting Can Mitigate High Levels Of Radon

After thorough investigation and training, we use various methods to address this issue. Most of which ventilate the radon leaking into the home directly to the outside.

The use of a radon sump pump or ventilation pipe using a fan system is all methods that will reduce the radon levels.

Radon Testing

Most homes have some measure of radon. Getting near the high-level range is when it becomes a concern.

Long term testing is the best method to test radon levels as it can change from an hour to hour or day to day basis.

Our radon measurement professional will measure the radon levels in your home or facility to ensure safe levels and mitigate the levels if needed.

Radon Levels In Canadian Homes

In 2009 a two-year study of radon concentrations in homes were conducted and found that 7% of homes have high levels of radon.

Areas aren’t a factor either, the results were found to be similar all over the country.