Facility Services

Tailored Solutions Directly For Your Facilities Needs.

Quickly & Discreetly

We understand time is a priority, and discretion is required. We tackle both while ensuring quality is at the highest standard.

Tailored Solutions

One facility isn’t the same as the other and we get that. Our project management team will create a plan tailored to your needs.

We Do It All

From Restoration, environmental, and disposal to complete 3D scans of your building. 

Over 20 Years Of ICI Experience

With over 20 years of ICI experience working on high profile, government, education, and healthcare facilities, you can be sure that your building is being looked after by the best performing professionals.


We Know The Unexpected Can Happen At Any Time. All Our Services Are Available 24/7

One Point Of Contact Always.

You will be given one point of contact who will manage all your needs so you can focus on what’s important.

Our Network Of Trades & Services

We’re built up a reliable network of trades and services over the years, allowing us to take on more challenging projects…

We Incorporate The Latest Technology In Our Work. We Gotta Keep Up With The Times!