General Construction

Along with general construction, we can also incorporate various construction technologies.

Check Out Our Clients

We’ve been working in many government facilities, educational institutions, and hospitals. Check out our affiliates section to view our clients. 

Our Projects Speak For Us

Talking about it is nice, but we also like to show what we’re up to. View our projects to see us in action. 

Our Experience Didn't Come Over Night

We’ve been operating for over 20 years, dealing with many different kinds of projects that allowed us to venture into many different industries we now lead today.

General Construction & Project Management

At A&O Contracting Inc. we offer a full roster of general contracting services for any project. With our trained in house project managers, technicians, and a vast and vetted network of trades.


Our Project Management Team

A & O Contracting has a diverse, educated, and highly experienced team of project managers and engineers.

We're Experts In Healthcare & Education

Healthcare and educational facilities are the most delicate and strict buildings…

Digitizing Your Building & Insurance Provider 3D Scanning

Our 3D cameras allow us to scan any building space into a virtual experience.

Building Sciences

From simple building investigation to a sustainability plan to reduce the environmental impact of your facility.

Unique Idea?

If you have a unique idea for your renovation or building project, never take no for an answer. Innovation is what we do! No matter how small, large, or unique your idea is our team is prepared to make it a reality through design, planning, investigation, and of course construction so why not push the boundaries.

General Construction Services

From complete demolition to a total rebuild, we can handle any general construction need.