Our Services

We Tailor The Solution To Suit You

Completely Tailored Solutions

Every project is different, and every situation is unique. Our project management team can adapt to your circumstances so you have a solution that fits your needs.

24/7 Emergency Response

Our services are available 24/7 and our operations never stop. Our emergency line is open anytime and you’ll get an immediate response. 

Over 20 Years Of Experience

We’ve been doing this for a while, and our roster of services didn’t form overnight. You can be sure your project is taken care of by the best. 

Disaster Restoration

One point of contact and 24/7 emergency response are the essentials when it comes to disaster restoration, and we focus on it. You shouldn’t have to wait to get your disaster loss dealt with, and you definitely shouldn’t have to contact 20 different people to get a response. We’ll set you up with one of our experienced project managers and get your business or home, back up and running. 

Water Damage Restoration

Our drying coverage is nearing 10 million square feet.

Fire Damage Restoration

Response time is critical and the longer you wait the worse it can get.

Disaster Restoration Insurance Provider Plan

We tailor a plan directly to your needs. Every client is different. 


Over 20 years of dealing with countless environmental projects have lead us to this point and our vast roster of environmental services. We began in the environmental abatement industry and have only been improving on our practices.

Asbestos Abatement

Asbestos can cause serious health concerns down the road. Get it dealt with today.

Infection Control

We’ve fought against SARS and now we’re fighting COVID-19 for many health care institutions.

Radon Mitigation

Most homes have some level of radon. Higher levels do however pose risk.

Animal Feces & Guano Cleanup

Yep, it’s gross, but you should get it removed. It can cause building damage over time.

Mould Remediation

Mould can be found almost anywhere and their spores spread in the thousands.

Soil Remediation

The investigation, physical removal, and bioremediation of contaminated soil is our focus.

UFFI Abatement

UFFI used during the 1930s-1970s will release gas that can cause cancer.

Emergency Medical Disposal

We have a background in the healthcare sector, so we understand the importance.

Lead Remediation

Lead removal is a complex process and requires a professional to remove it. 

BlackWater Cleanup

Category 3 also known as blackwater is worse than raw sewage.

Mercury Remediation

Mercury is extremely toxic yet used often. When a spill happens, get a pro.

Designated Substance & Hazardous Material Cleanup

The 11 designated substances require trained and insured contractors.

Commercial & Industrial Disposal

We’re contractors that got into disposal because we didn’t want to wait, and you shouldn’t either. Fast response and safety are our priority and have been practiced across our wide range of services we have been offering for over 20 years.

Hazardous Waste Disposal

We are ECA certified to handle all of your hazardous waste and we are constantly monitoring throughout the process.

Non-Hazardous Waste Disposal

Tons and tons of waste? We ‘ve got you covered.

Rent A Roll-Off Bin

We have a variety of bins ready to use. If you need something specific, we can get that too.

Document Restoration

Your damaged documents may seem beyond repair at the time, but we promise there’s usually a way to restore them. Even if the documents are contaminated by hazardous substances like asbestos, we can safely clean all of it.

Paper Documents

Any sort of paper documents from individual books to entire libraries.

Digital Documents

Videos, photographs, audio recordings, and any other digital documents.

Documents Contaminated By Hazardous Substances?

We also specialize in environmental abatement, so we can clean your hazardous contaminated documents.

Facility Services

We have 20 years of ICI (Industrial, Commerical, Institutional) experience behind us. We understand every facility has its way of handling things and we integrate seamlessly. 

Tailored Solutions & Plans

Not all facilities are the same and we tailor our solutions to suit you.

One Point Of Contact System

There aren’t any other strings attached. When we say one point of contact we mean it.

24/7 Emergency Response

There’s nothing else to it, you have a problem and we will be there as fast as we can.

General Construction & Construction Technology

We understand the industry is advancing and we’re at the forefront of it, but it doesn’t mean we forget our roots and we continuously advance the trusted and proven methods used in general construction for decades.


Drywall, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, framing, etc. We cover it all.

Building Sciences

Building investigation or large scale sustainability plans.


We’ll get it demolished quickly, safely, and properly. So you can start your rebuild as soon as possible.

3D Scanning

We can create virtual copies of your building or home down to the last detail. Or come up with a digital design for you.