Slide DESIGNATED SUBSTANCE AND HAZARDOUS MATERIAL CLEANUP DESIGNATED SUBSTANCE/HAZARDOUS The 11 designated substances require a trained and insured contractor to perform the cleaning. We have clearance to transport hazardous waste off-site, so you don’t need to find any alternatives. Indoor or outdoor, we’re certified in spill mitigation, onsite remediation, excavation, indoor air quality remediation, and odor control. what are the 11 designated substances? Acrylonitrile, Arsenic, Asbestos, Benzene, Coke Oven Emissions, Ethylene Oxide, Isocyanates, Lead, Mercury, Silica, and Vinyl Chloride Only Need To Transport Your Designated Substances or Hazardous Materials? We have full clearance to transport any kind of hazardous waste. Our disposal trucks are fully certified and our drivers are well trained and experienced in handling hazardous substances. Hazardous Spills Affect The Surrounding Environment They seep into the outside environment and cleanup costs can drastically increase quickly. It can lead to the temporary closure of businesses or relocation, so getting on top of it as soon as possible is key. EQUIPPED TO HANDLE A&O Contracting has a highly trained team equipped with specialized PPE to complete the cleanup, abatement, or remediation of any hazardous material or substance. View Projects Contact Us EXPERIENCE ON THE JOB HUNDREDS OF PROJECTS COMPLETED 24HR EMERGENCY RESPONSE When it comes to your property - Long waits are the last thing you want. INSURANCE COVERED We're serious. Professional liability over 10 million. OVER 20 YEARS Experience built on thousands of hours on the job.