Slide Mercury Might Impact Your Demolition Job MERCURY REMEDIATION When mercury is exposed or spilled, rapidly closing off the affected area and emergency cleanup are vital. Ventilation is a concern as free mercury will readily vaporize and continue to do so until the situation is under control. Distance is key. Proper handling and remediation are a must to ensure no trace is left behind. A&O Contracting is more than ready. we've heard it's bad for us, but what is it? It’s a silvery-white metal that is in liquid form at room temperature. It’s used in fluorescent bulbs, thermometers, older electrical switches, and medical and scientific equipment. When a spill occurs it can raise serious health concerns. demolishing AN OLDER FACILITY? It was widely found in plumbing systems in older laboratory facilities. They were poured into the drain and often thought to be completely gone.

During repairs or demolition, spills occur in these older facilities due to the mercury remaining in the drainage system and spilling on the floor when opened up.
mercury hazards Mercury is extremely toxic and can cause acute, and chronic mercury poisoning that can have detrimental health effects. Methods Of Cleaning Up Mercury Spills amalgamation or insolubilization is both methods used to turn mercury into a non-vaporizing form. Then it’s cleaned from there.

insolubilization requires mercury to be mixed with sulfide and amalgamation mixes mercury with one or more metals so it becomes and solid and can be disposed of easier.
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