Urea Formaldehyde Foam Insulation (UFFI) Abatement

UFFI Was Used Back In The 1930's - 1970's

It was a low cost, nonintrusive way of insulating homes, till they realized after long term use the product would release formaldehyde gasses that would cause burning, cancer, respiratory irritation, allergic reactions, and a whole list of other health concerns.


Selling A Home? Get UFFI Certification Done.

Most real estate agreements presently have a disclosure clause regarding UFFI.

Most times realtors will often require UFFI free-certification in order to avoid any legal liability for the existence of harmful insulation.

If you suspect UFFI might be present we can offer testing to determine the present formaldehyde levels


Where UFFI Is Most Commonly Found

Walls of residential homes
exterior sheathing,
brick block,
aluminum siding


Best Course Of Action When Dealing With UFFI

It was determined the best course of action was complete removal from your home or workplace. It’s a similar process to that of removing asbestos, thus making the training we use at A&O Contracting above and beyond the requirements to remove UFFI safely.

UFFI Was Also Found In Places You Wouldn't Have Thought About

It’s also been found in a lot of places it wasn’t supposed to be due to the nature of its installation process, which involved extreme air pressure. This pressure allowed it to seep between the surrounded structure.